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The Groundwork for a Better Tomorrow

We’re more than the leader in manufacturing equipment. We’re committed to a better way forward, as leaders for the environment.

Kubota is more than the worldwide leader in engineering standards. We’re committed to manufacturing products that change the world, using techniques that protect our environment. When you buy a Kubota, you’re helping fund the delivery of safe water to people in need, investing in innovative engine technology that cuts down on harmful emissions and establishing a healthy, prosperous future.

We believe in creating a more sustainable world by making products that reliably complete the task at hand while minimizing their environmental impact.

By improving energy efficiency, reducing waste and expanding the use of renewable energies, Kubota is using engineering and manufacturing innovation to create a greener world.

Our research and development teams are always pushing to give our customers the most helpful and innovative equipment on the market. From developing specialized machinery for crop harvest to cleaner, more powerful engines, Kubota’s R&D teams across the world are improving the machines of today while planning for tomorrow.

Since 1890, Kubota has grown and evolved into a company and manufacturer that provides solutions around the world.

Kubota spreads over more than 100 countries, serving particular local needs.

Kubota Group exercises solid performance with steady sales growth, with revenue amounting to more than $15.5 billion in USD.