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Kubota is proud to support family farms. Like the Snader’s.


Kim Snader Wood, from New Windsor, Maryland, works a farm that’s been in her family since 1864. She and her husband raise Hereford cattle and hay, but they don’t do it alone. Kubota helps them get it done.

You can watch her family’s farming story here:  but meanwhile we’ve gathered some of Kim’s most interesting observations on the farming business.

Continuing the family legacy of hard work.

“This farm has been in our family since 1864. We raise Hereford cattle, and we have about 60 cows, we probably have about 100 head total, and we farm about 300 acres of hay, and probably 100, 150 acres of row crops. My husband works with me on the farm, and we work together.”

“I’ve always worked on the farm since I was little, showing cows and helping my dad. Being a cattle and hay farmer is very hard work sometimes but it’s a lot of fun.”

How the Snaders chose Kubota.

Originally we were just looking at a baler. We went ahead with another brand baler, and we had a lot of trouble with it. Then we decided to go with a Kubota baler. Joe from Westminster Equipment brought out the 5160 baler and he brought out the M6 140 HP tractor hooked to it and that’s what we used to bale our field with that’s how we fell in love with the tractor and the baler and we ended up buying both.”

A big investment, so it’s got to last.

• “I want a tractor to last a long time because it’s a big investment. That’s what you work with pretty much every day.”

• “We use our Kubota tractor to feed hay in the winter, everyday, to the cows, we use it to ted, rake or bale, or sometimes all three. We’ve chisel-plowed with it and we disked the field with it.”

• “We selected the M6 because it’s 140 horsepower. Pretty much anything we have here it can run.”

• “A big factor here was the price. Other brands that we looked at were a good bit higher than the Kubota tractor that we bought.”

• “The monitor is very easy and user-friendly.”

The BV5160 baler is a big hit on the Snader farm.

“I love the baler, and I can just go out into the field and bale and not worry about a thing. My favorite feature about the 5161 would be the drop floor. I have gotten in a couple circumstances where it got jammed up, but you can just drop the floor ant it’ll just suck it right in and you don’t have to get out and fight with getting all that unjammed with your hands.”

“I’ve gone pretty fast with that baler just to see what it can do and I was a little leery about it first cause I normally don’t bale fast but that baler can handle it.”

Easy-to-access baler features that make operation easier.

• “The monitor is very easy and user-friendly.”

• “Right here you have the twine system. You can put eight rolls of twine in it.”

• “Your oiler system is right here and it self-oils your chain, which are heavy-duty.”

• “Another feature I really like is how you load the net wrap. It’s really really easy to do, it takes me maybe five minutes and it’s done.”

M7 upgrade offers improved performance over the M6.

While Kim is very satisfied with her M6 tractor, in 2015 that model was updated with numerous feature improvements. Now called the M7, our engineers added the turbocharged V6108 engine that combines Kubota’s DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technologies so it meets even the strictest Tier4 Final regulations.

The M7’s wide cabin is designed to do just that. With just four corner posts and no centre pillars to get in the way, the view out the front, rear, and both sides is virtually unobstructed. The cabin design also reduces noise from the outside to a minimum, so you can work in peace all day long.

A tractor has to be able to handle virtually every job on the farm. That’s the kind of versatility we built into every M7. With a high-performance hydraulic control system and CCLS (Closed Centre Load Sensing), the M7 offers maximum versatility and operational precision. The M7’s 3-point linkage system also has the capability to lift mounted equipment along with the ability to handle a wide range of jobs. It’s just smarter.

Kim’s overall Impression? Great to work with.

“Kubota’s been great to work with. They’ve always been there for us when we needed them.”

M7 Standard features include:

  • Three rear remotes
  • 540/540E/1000/1000E PTO
  • Air suspension seat
  • High capacity three-point hitch
  • High spec/spacious cab (includes instructor seat)
  • 24x24 Semi-power shift transmission
  • Available 40 x 40 semi-power shift transmission (creep) 

BV 5160 features include:

  • Multi-crop capability – the ability to produce bales of unrivaled quality in all crop conditions
  • Bale Diameter 4-ft wide and up to 5-ft Tall (47” x 24” – 65”)
  • High performance intake system
  • Parallelogram DropFloor system for easy unblocking – faster and easier clearing of blockages from the comfort of the tractor cab.
  • SuperCut-14 knife chopping systems, with chop length of 2.75 in.
  • Dual action knife protection – each knife is individually spring-protected

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the M7 Series tractors, the BV 5160 baler, or any other Kubota machine, contact your authorized Kubota dealer.

Get to know Kubota:

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