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Kubota’s Hay Harvesting Tools – Model Specs


Kubota’s full line of hay tools. For productivity, reliability and efficiency.

Whether you hay fescue, alfalfa, ryegrass, timothy or orchard grass, you need to process it quickly and efficiently in order to maximize the quality which ultimately will lead to be better bottom line. That’s where Kubota’s line of Hay Tools can help you get the job done. From disc mowers to balers and bale wrappers, let’s take a look at these outstanding tools, and learn how they can improve your output through reliable, technologically-advanced performance.

Disc Mowers

No matter your crop, Kubota’s range of disc mowers has the right equipment for the job. Offering a fit for every operation, from our smallest DM1017 at 5’6” all the way up to our DM3087 at 28’5”, there is no field too small or too big for a Kubota disc mower. Easy to attach to your favorite Kubota tractor, our range of disc mowers will make your job effortless and faster.

  • DM 1000 Series delivers effective, reliable performance. Available in a variety of working widths, this disc mower offers the Kubota three-bladed, counter-rotating disc cutterbar.
  • DM 2000 Series features Kubota’s exclusive non-stop breakaway system which offers cutterbar protection and no need to stop and reset.
  • DM 3000/4000 Series offers the ideal combination of low weight and large working width. These center-suspended disc mowers provide unmatched performance in any type of crop or ground conditions.
  • DM 5000 Series disc mowers are easy to operate and have low horsepower requirements, yet they still give maximum cutting width to match up to smaller horsepower tractors.&

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Equipped with features such as a fully welded cutterbar, SemiSwing or chevron roller conditioners and independent active suspension, Kubota's DMC series machines are ready to meet every request with exceptional performance.

  • DMC 8000 Series offers features such as a fully welded three-bladed, counter-rotating disc cutterbar, independent active suspension and your choice of the SemiSwing or chevron roller conditioners.
  • DMC 8500 Series center pivot disc mower conditioners are available in two wide cutting widths and feature a fully welded three-bladed, counter-rotating disc cutterbar and your choice of SemiSwing or chevron roller conditioners.

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Rotary tedders are an important tool when you’re looking to harvest the highest quality hay possible. Tedders allow the crop to dry down evenly and faster, leading to a higher quality product. The rotary tedder is an essential piece of equipment for farmers who serious about the quality of their hay. Kubota's range of FarmLine and ProLine tedders have proven to be capable in all types of crops and conditions. Kubota tedders feature everything you need to get the job done in an efficient manner.

  • TE4052T is a pull-type rotary tedder featuring a 17'1" working width and a strong, one-piece metal chassis for outstanding longevity.&
  • TE6576CD/TE8511C is the ideal combination of high working width, low horsepower requirements and fast and stable transport.
  • TE6583T/TE8511T delivers a large working width, strength and dependability which is ideal for lower horsepower tractors.

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For farmers who need serious performance for the best hay, Kubota’s line of rotary rakes are easy to use and top-of-the-line quality. Kubota’s rotary rakes feature a FarmLine or ProLine gearbox, which require less maintenance. Meaning you can spend more time working and less time maintaining.

  • RA1035/RA1042T feature curved tine arms to handle high capacity crops for cleaner and faster raking performance and optimized swath formation.
  • RA2071T EVO has a working width of up to 23'3" in double swath position and features the Kubota TerraLink flex system.
  • RA2577 offers excellent flexibility, so crops from up to 50' can be collected into one swath.
  • RA2072/RA2076/RA2584 allow you to work comfortably in tight fields, producing consistent windrows with hydraulically-controlled working widths.

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Offered in 4x5’, 4x6’ and 5x6’ sizes, these variable chamber balers offer reliability, simplicity and high quality bales – no matter the conditions. For great looking bales, time after time.

  • BV4160 ECONO packs a bale diameter of 4' wide by 5'5” high with a 67" pickup capacity and also features a new twine binding system.
  • BV4160/BV4180 offer high capacity pick-up and superb in-field performance. These balers make quick work of silage, hay and straw.&
  • BV5160 series of balers are fully ISO ready and come standard with a 14 knife cutting system. These balers have been designed with nothing but silage in mind, so they produce high density crops in any type of moisture condition.&
  • BV4580 PREM/PREMNET are designed to produce high quality 5'x6' bales. These round balers are equipped to handle all types of crops and can take on the most demanding field conditions.

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Kubota’s line of bale wrappers finish the haylage/silage process quickly and efficiently which translates to less time spent in the field. Quality bales start with Kubota’s line of foraging equipment and end with Kubota’s bale wrappers.

  • WR1100 is equipped with a hydraulic film cutter and three-point mounted turntable wrapper. This model handles 4’ wide round bales up to 2,650 pounds.
  • WR1400 trailed wrapper and its low profile design works efficiently to better preserve your quality silage and hay.

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Any questions?

If you have any questions about the outstanding line of Kubota hay tools, or any other Kubota machine, contact your authorized Kubota dealer.

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