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Kubota’s Z200 Series is an Ideal Residential Mower for People with 1-3 Acres of Property to Maintain


If you’re a property owner with 1-3 acres of land to maintain, you know the value of a durable and reliable mower. Whether you’ve recently acquired land, or your old mower just isn’t cutting it these days, investing in a mower can turn the burden of lawn maintenance into something to look forward to. Here are some essential features to consider when buying a mower for your property.

Why Consider a Zero-Turn Mower?

Walk-behind and ride-on mowers are very popular and effective for various turf jobs. However, once the land you are mowing reaches a few acres, it’s time to consider a zero-turn mower. These nimble ride-on mowers get their name from their almost zero-degree turning radius. This makes them ideal for yards of all shapes with features like trees, fountains and flower beds. They combine the precision of a walk-behind mower with the comfort and convenience of a ride-on mower. Plus, they are easy and fun to operate.

“The new Kubota Z200 Series combines everything homeowners want in a residential zero-turn mower, combined with the engineering and durability customers expect from Kubota’s professional line of products,” said Tom Vachal, senior turf product manager for Kubota. “Our focus on durability led us to this next evolution of the Kubota residential zero-turn mower line. Thoughtful top to bottom features, from our new deluxe high-back seat to the deep and wide pully grooves in the deck, result in a machine that makes mowing both easy and fun for the operator.”

Power Meets Precision

The new Kubota Z200 Series, available in five different models, includes a rugged transmission that delivers outstanding power and operational efficiency, and engines from leading manufacturers like Kawasaki (Z231KW), Kohler (Z231KH and Z251KH), and Briggs & Stratton (Z231BR and Z251BR). All models are built with Kubota’s legendary engineering and provide the precision needed to achieve a professional-like quality in a more affordably priced homeowner-friendly package.

The deck’s 5-inch deep design and high blade tip speed is intended to allow air to flow through the deck, delivering a high quality of cut and an even discharge of clippings. Kubota’s patented K-Lift (standard on KH and BR models) mechanical one-push deck lift pedal and dial cam are designed to allow the operator to adjust to a wide range of cutting heights in quarter-inch increments from 1.5 to 4.5 inches, for a superior, even cut on all turf types.

Comfort and Safety

The Z200 Series keeps operator comfort top of mind with crucial, but often overlooked features like an adjustable high-back seat, a wide operator station and foot pan, ergonomic controls, storage compartments and cup holders (standard on all models). Large 22-inch (standard on KH and BR models), low-profile wide rear tires not only add style, but also reduce the footprint on your lawn and ground contact pressure providing a smooth ride on uneven terrain.

Safety was also top-of-mind when designing the Z200 series. Its low center of gravity tends to increase stability, and standard safety features include a roll-over protective structure (ROPS), retractable seat belt, a flexible spring-loaded plastic discharge shield and four safety interlocks. Large rear tire tread is designed for better traction and performance, and the LED headlights (standard on KH models) add increased operator visibility.

Zero-turn mowers can make all the difference when it comes to home lawn maintenance, but don’t just take our word for it. We encourage everyone in the market for a new mower to test drive or demo a unit before buying; click here to find a dealer near you.