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The Justin Rhodes Show Comes to Kubota Country


Justin Rhodes is a man of many hats. He’s a permaculturist, homesteader, film producer, author and teacher, to name just a few. And despite his many titles, he now has a new hat to wear—a bright orange one—as Kubota is excited to announce Justin has become an official member of the Kubota Country family.  

With well more than a decade of homesteading under his belt, Justin uses his experience to inspire and teach others to work with the land to produce their own sustenance and live a more abundant life. He is quickly becoming one of the largest and most influential voices in this space with an audience of nearly 1 million across his YouTube, Instagram and TikTok channels. 

Through the partnership, Justin will be using an M7060 tractor with performance-matched Land Pride implements and an RTV-X1140 to manage his 75-acre family farm near Asheville, North Carolina, to do everything from cultivating his fields to managing and caring for his livestock.

To learn more about Justin Rhodes, visit