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Dig More ‘Pay Dirt’ on the Jobsite with Kubota’s Full-Line of Compact Construction Equipment


In the demanding field of construction, contractors know that the success of their business depends not only on their ability to get a job done, but to get the job done on time and on budget. That’s why having the right equipment on the jobsite is of the utmost importance. 

At the heart of all Kubota construction equipment is a powerful diesel engine made by Kubota here in the United States, that empowers operators to dig deep, lift high and work hard all day long. And each piece of Kubota construction equipment is backed by a knowledgeable dealer ready to ensure you’re choosing the best product for your needs and committed to keeping you informed and your equipment serviced, long after the sale.

Here are four equipment lines in Kubota’s CE portfolio that contractors rely on every day on jobsites across the country to get more done:

SVL & SSV Series

While the debate between wheels and tracks rages on, one thing is clear: there’s a place on the jobsite for both pieces of equipment. Fortunately, Kubota has you covered on both fronts.

For applications where ground pressure and traction are a primary consideration, Kubota’s SVL Series of compact track loaders lead the way. In 2021, Kubota set the bar high when it introduced the SVL97-2 to its lineup, joining the SVL75-2 and SVL65-2. Boasting a 96-horsepower engine with a rated operating capacity of 3,200 lbs. (at 35 percent tipping load), the SVL97-2 with an impressive 7,961 lbs. of breakout force and a staggering 3.4-ft. reach at max height. Add in an enhanced DEF system and standard features like telematics, rearview camera and a lockable DEF door, and operators will be excited to get to work in the morning. 

For work on hard surfaces like rock, asphalt and concrete, and other applications where tires make more sense, Kubota’s SSV Series of skid steers are ready to roll. Consisting of two models, the SSV65 and SSV75, the SSV Series features standard two-speed travel, a unique slide-up, front-entry door that raises overhead, side lighting for better visibility and safe night operation, and a spacious cabin with climate control. And with a rated operating capacity of 1,950 lbs. and bucket breakout force of 4,839 lbs. for the SSV65, and a rated operating capacity of 2,690 lbs. and bucket breakout force of 5,884 lbs. for the SSV75, these wheeled workhorses are engineered to help increase the productivity of your operation.

K & U Series’ Excavators

For more than 18 years, Kubota has been the #1-selling compact excavator brand in the world, according to data from OEM Off-Highway Research. Anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time on a construction jobsite knows Kubota compact excavators reign supreme due to their combination of maneuverability, power and reliability.

Offering a wide range of conventional, minimal and zero-tail swing machines across their K and U Series, Kubota has the perfect compact excavator for any application on the jobsite. With options from 0 to 8 tons, Kubota continues to update current models while expanding the lineup to meet the construction industry and contractor’s evolving needs.

Whether you’re digging, loading, trenching, grading, or a whole host of other applications, Kubota compact excavators are designed to help you dig more pay dirt on every job in comfort. With seven heating and cooling vents throughout the cab, ergonomically designed control levers, a high-back suspension seat and an easy-open front window, staying productive and comfortable is possible even after a long day in the operator’s seat. 

What’s more, Kubota compact excavators are powered by a Kubota diesel engine designed to achieve maximum bucket breakout force for productive performance.

RTV-X Series

When it comes to rugged environments, few places can be as demanding as a construction worksite. But for Kubota’s RTV-X Series, that’s where this versatile and durable line of full-size utility vehicles does its best work. 

With four models powered by Kubota’s diesel engines—RTV-X900, RTV-X1120, RTV-X1100C and RTV-X1140—the RTV-X Series offers construction managers a range of versatile options for doing the heavy lifting on the jobsite, from transporting crew and materials to hauling and towing, and everything in between.  

Among this lineup of North America’s #1 selling diesel utility vehicles* is the RTV-X1140, Kubota’s most versatile utility vehicle featuring a 24.8 horsepower liquid-cooled diesel engine and an innovative Kubota K-Vertible cargo conversion system that transforms the vehicle from two passengers and a large cargo bed to four passengers and a cargo bed.

Designed for commercial customers who rely on utility vehicles for heavy duty work, the RTV-X Series features the power, torque and versatility to get the job done.

To learn more about Kubota’s full line of construction equipment, visit or find your local dealer at

*Based on Power Products Marketing North American 2018 sales data for the pure utility vehicle (PUV) segment.