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Why Buy: BX Series Sub-Compact Tractor

Made in America: Kubota proudly employs nearly 2,400 team members who manufacture and assemble the BX Series sub compact tractors at Kubota Manufacturing of America (KMA) in Gainesville, Georgia., The BX Series general-use subcompact tractor., The BX Series is America’s top-selling sub-compact tractor series of the decade, and for good reason., The BX Series combines the versatile size and agility needed by homeowners, and the power and reliability demanded by agriculture professionals., For more information, click here to find out why the BX Series is the only real choice., Why Buy: BX Series Sub-Compact Tractor

Setting-up and operating the Kubota BX Series Snow Blower Attachment

Today, we’re going to explain how to set-up and operate Kubota’s BX Series Snow Blower Attachment for our small tractors., Specifically, we’re talking about our BX2816 50” front snow blower for the BX80 series machines., The Kubota BX Series., These two size options provide plenty of flexibility when partnered with our smaller BX tractors., Interested in learning why the BX Series may be the tractor for you?, Setting-up and operating the Kubota BX Series Snow Blower Attachment

DIY Videos

Featured products include Consumer Z-Mowers and RTVs, plus BX, B, and L-series tractors., KTC Marketing is publishing these videos in a series called Know Your Kubota.

Help Choose the Winner of Kubota’s New “Hometown Proud” $100,000 Community Project Revitalization Grant Program

While Kubota employees and their immediate family members cannot win, all other voters who cast a vote will be automatically entered into a sweepstakes* for a chance to win a Kubota residential Z200 Series zero-turn mower or BX Series sub-compact tractor.$100-000-community-project-revitalization-grant-program

Kubota Compact Tractors: A History of Looking Ahead

Then, in 2000, Kubota shook the residential equipment market again when it went even smaller, creating the sub-compact tractor segment with the introduction of its BX Series., Compact B and L Series Deliver More Power and Comfort than Ever Before Moving up the line the line, Kubota’s B Series first hit the market in the mid-1970s, and while smaller than its original L Series, it delivered four-wheel drive, two-cylinder, diesel compact tractors., Kubota launched the B01 Series with the B2301 and B2601 in 2019; now, the B2401 rounds-out the compact tractor series with a wider range of industry-leading power and comfort features., The L Series Lineup and What’s New From humble beginnings to what is now Kubota’s most popular line, the L Series offers a wide range of tractors from the Standard L01 Series to the Grand L60 Series., “The LX Series is the perfect year-round, do-it-all tractor for customers who need the size and maneuverability of our B Series but also want the increased power and functionality of the L Series,” said Kelcey Cockrell, Kubota product manager.

Sub-Compact Tractor Comparison: Kubota BX1880 vs John Deere 1023E

To show just how advanced the BX series is, we’ve highlighted the differences between the Kubota and one of its top competitors, the John Deere 1023E., For more information, click here to find out why the BX Series is the only real choice.