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Why Buy: L2501 Compact Tractor Testimonial


At Kubota, we pride ourselves on producing superior equipment and providing unmatched customer service. To demonstrate the Kubota difference, we caught up with loyal Kubota customer, Dr. Joseph Soileau to hear how Kubota has helped him enrich his community

Dr. Joseph Soileau is a veterinarian in Oakdale, Louisiana, who has been helping animals for 45 years. In his spare time, Dr. Soileau likes to garden and work on his land. “My garden is my time off,” Dr. Soileau said, “I just relax out here and have a great time.”

When Dr. Soileau first moved back to Oakdale and needed to completely landscape his property, he turned to a 50 hp large-frame L5030 Kubota tractor. Now, he uses the L2501 compact tractor to keep up with his large garden and mow his acreage.

With its combination of horsepower and high-quality construction, the feature-packed L2501 compact tractor is perfect for property owners who need a diverse and reliable tractor. “A lot of people told me to get a zero-turn mower,” Said Dr. Soileau, “But with this, I can do the garden, and ten minutes later I can be cutting grass. It’s multi-purpose, and it does a lot of work for me.”

With the help of his L2501, Dr. Soileau is able to maintain a garden so large, he ends up with more fresh produce than he can handle. “We have all kinds of different produce. And we give it away; we don’t even try to sell it. I like to give it away to people.”

One of the most important aspects of the L2501 is its usability, featuring:

  • An ergonomic control layout to keep the user comfortable during even the longest jobs
  • 3-Range-Hydrostatic Transmission to boost efficiency
  • A Kubota Treadle Pedal for better ease-of-use and a less cluttered floorboard

The L2501’s spacious platform means the user will be more comfortable during long operating sessions. The 3-Range-Hydrostatic Transmission means no more fighting with your machine to switch gears at the end of a row when gardening. Dr. Soileau agrees; “The thing I love the best, is the hydrostatic transmission. It is so much easier than fighting a clutch, stopping at the end of every row, changing gears, and all that. It makes it way more efficient, and you can do so much more.”

Any farmer who owns a small or hobby farm will tell you, they don’t have time for a high-maintenance machine. The L2501 is built to last, with high quality and high-durability parts.

  • Kubota Diesel Engine – Kubota is the #1 manufacturer in the world for under 100 HP non-automotive, multi-cylinder diesel engines
  • Heavy Duty Construction – From the heavy duty front axle to the cast steel transmission and rear end, all the way to the steel hood and fenders, the Kubota is built to last
  • Kubota Designed, Kubota Built – Front to rear, the Kubota tractor is designed and built by Kubota for our Kubota customers. You won’t find a “Kubota” re-branded tractor built by others, only Kubota quality through and through.
  • Helical Cut Gears – Helical cut gears in the rear housing mean a quieter ride and stronger gear set when compared to the spur gears some of our competition uses
  • Kubota Reputation for Quality – Kubota is known for our quality, reliability and longevity – you can’t fake a good reputation, it can only be awarded to you by your satisfied customers

When asked about Kubota’s customer service, Dr. Soileau said, “Kubota seems to really put out good products, support them, they do everything you should expect as far as supporting the products. I’ve had really good dealings with them over the years. I’ve just had really good luck with the Kubota products and service.”

Click here to see the full video testimonial, featuring Dr. Joseph Soileau’s beautiful property, impressive garden, and top-notch Kubota products.