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Company Information

Kubota Corporation introduced its first tractor to the United States in 1969. Filling a product void in the American marketplace for a sub-compact tractor, the Kubota 21 HP L200 was an overnight success. Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC) was formed in 1972 and the company continued to expand its product line for the US market. This expansion has continued over the next 40 years, and Kubota now offers products in a wide variety of segments including lawn mowers, utility vehicles, construction equipment, agriculture tractors and hay equipment.


Senior leaders at Kubota bring decades of industry experience and proven expertise. Each member's contribution reflects the company's vision of strategic growth, with a focus on excellence in the customer experience and all areas of the company's business.

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US Kubota Facilities

Kubota has affiliates and facilities across the United States that support our customers in a variety of areas ranging from engine and tractor manufacturing, to assembly and distribution, to financial and insurance services for Kubota equipment, and more.

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Dealer Network

Supporting a network of more than 1,100 dealerships in running a prosperous business is a top priority at Kubota. After all, we believe that an equipment manufacturer can only ever be as successful as its dealers.

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Strategic Partners

Kubota's alliances with high-performance equipment brands like Echo and Smart Guided adds quality, efficiency and convenience to the buying process by giving customers the option of purchasing a complete equipment package from one dealer, in one location.

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